Exaggerated mechanoreflex in early stage type 1 diabetic rats: Role of Piezo channels

Ann-Katrin Grotle, Elizabeth A. Garcia, Michelle L Harrison, Yu Huo, Charles K. Crawford, Kai M. Ybarbo, Audrey J. Stone
2019 American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology  
Recent findings have shown that muscle contraction evokes an exaggerated pressor response in type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) rats; however, it is not known whether the mechanoreflex, which is commonly stimulated by stretching the Achilles tendon, contributes to this abnormal response. Furthermore, the role of mechano-gated Piezo channels, found on thin-fiber afferent endings, in evoking the mechanoreflex in T1DM is also unknown. Therefore, in male and female streptozotocin (STZ, 50
more » ... d T1DM and healthy control (CTL) rats, we examined the pressor and cardioaccelerator responses to tendon stretch during the early stage of the disease. To determine the role of Piezo channels, GsMTx-4, a selective Piezo channel inhibitor, was injected into the arterial supply of the hindlimb. At 1 wk after STZ injection in anesthetized, decerebrate rats, we stretched the Achilles tendon for 30 s and measured pressor and cardioaccelerator responses. We then compared pressor and cardioaccelerator responses to tendon stretch before and after GsMTx-4 injection (10 µg/100 ml). We found that the pressor (change in mean arterial pressure) response [41 ± 5 mmHg (n = 15) for STZ and 18 ± 3 mmHg (n = 11) for CTL (P < 0.01)] and cardioaccelerator (change in heart rate) response [18 ± 4 beats/min for STZ (n = 15) and 8 ± 2 beats/min (n = 11) for CTL (P < 0.05)] to tendon stretch were exaggerated in STZ rats. Local injection of GsMTx-4 attenuated the pressor [55 ± 7 mmHg (n = 6) before and 27 ± 9 mmHg (n = 6) after GsMTx-4 (P < 0.01)], but not the cardioaccelerator, response to tendon stretch in STZ rats and had no effect on either response in CTL rats. These data suggest that T1DM exaggerates the mechanoreflex response to tendon stretch and that Piezo channels play a role in this exaggeration.
doi:10.1152/ajpregu.00294.2018 pmid:30840487 fatcat:shbrvchmpjhklpw6ad2wtkws5e