Retrieval of timber volume and snow water equivalent over a Finnish boreal forest from airborne polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar

H. Balzter, J. R. Baker, M. Hallikainen, E. Tomppo
2002 International Journal of Remote Sensing  
2 Conclusions are: 1) Decomposition algorithms of the polarimetric covariance matrix result in information on scattering mechanisms in the vegetation canopy and on the ground, so being potentially of great value for land cover mapping; 2) Satellite polarimetric SARs, for example those to be flown on Envisat and ALOS, will be able to estimate stem volume on continental and global scales; 3) L-band SAR has a potential for snow cover mapping and run-off prediction. Accuracy of wet snow mapping
more » ... et snow mapping using simulated Radarsat backscattering coefficients from observed snow cover characteristics. The potential of times series of C-band SAR data to monitor dry and shallow snow cover. snow cover with airborne microwave sensors in EMAC'95. In EMAC 94/95 Final results. Workshop proceedings 14-16/4/1997, ESA WPP-136 (Noordwijk: ESTEC), pp. 143-153.
doi:10.1080/01431160110076199 fatcat:2dtph5ljqzegdeikq6m3tgqgnm