Effect of heat treatment on cytotoxicity and polymerization of universal adhesives

Celso Afonso KLEIN-JUNIOR, Kathleen SOBIERAY, Roberto ZIMMER, Fernando Freitas PORTELLA, Eduardo Galia RESTON, Daniel MARINOWIC, Keiichi HOSAKA
2020 Dental materials journal  
To assess, in vitro, the influence of heat air treatment on cytotoxicity and degree of conversion (DC) of universal self-etch adhesives (Ambar Universal APS, Scotchbond Universal Adhesive, and Tetric N-Bond Universal) in an NIH/3T3 fibroblast cell culture. Samples were divided into three groups: 1) no heat treatment (control), 2) 37°C and 3) 60°C heat treatment before photopolymerization. Cytotoxicity was analyzed by MTT assay and the DC by FTIR. All adhesives heated at 60°C showed reduced
more » ... oxicity levels when compared with those heated at 37°C. In general, DC of Ambar Universal APS presented the highest DC than Scotchbond Universal Adhesive and Tetric N-Bond Universal, and the hot air treatment do not influence the conversion. Heat treatment at 60°C was able to reduce the cytotoxicity of universal self-etch adhesives, even, the heat treatment does not enhances the DC.
doi:10.4012/dmj.2019-103 pmid:32611987 fatcat:dbrsevgbw5bdzdicjbjpi27gju