Crayonpedia Education Ecosystem: Panel navigasi pada aplikasi TADJ versi desktop dan integrasi aplikasi TADJ dengan Moodle versi desktop

Muhammad Iqbal, Ary Setijadi Prihatmanto, Pranoto Hidaya Rusmin
2016 Figshare  
Crayonpedia Education Ecosystem: Panel navigation in desktop version TADJ application and integration between TADJ application with Moodle desktop versionFinal Project is one of the requirements that must be met by a student to obtain a Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate in Higher Education throughout Indonesia. The system currently used to complete the final task is the manual way, so students will be consulted and also perform direct guidance / face to face with the supervisor. This
more » ... upervisor. This system requires a conformity between the students concerned with the supervisor, so it will take a long time. Based on these problems, they invented a system that can cope with the problem of time that the system TADJ (Final In the Network). All data is data Final Project, a lecturer of data and system files are stored in a MySQL database. TADJ is a scientific paper based on research results or solving a problem that is made online by electronic media who systematically through the analysis of the form of the proposed solutions and the results related to the TA (Final), so TADJ can be defined as a system of final project conducted on line. TADJ system made in the web version, smartphone and desktop. TADJ purpose of the system is to facilitate the process of final project and create, share, and apply science and technology that have been obtained during the learning process that is carried out inside and outside SEAMOLEC and ITB. This application can already be used. database, User, update, edit, searchTugas Akhir merupakan merupakan salah satu syarat yang harus dipenuhi oleh seorang mahasiswa agar memperoleh gelar Diploma, Sarjana, Magister, dan Doktor di seluruh Perguruan Tinggi Indonesia. Sistem yang saat ini digunakan untuk menyelesaikan proses tugas akhir adalah dengan cara manual, Jadi mahasiswa akan berkonsultasi dan juga melakukan bimbingan secara langsung/bertatap muka dengan dosen pembimbing. Sistem ini membutuhkan kesesuaian waktu antara mahasiswa yang bersangkutan dengan dosen pembimbing, sehingg [...]
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.3545387 fatcat:yckasoblwnf3lift4vtefanpt4