States of quantum systems and their liftings

Joachim Kupsch, Oleg G. Smolyanov, Nadejda A. Sidorova
2001 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
Let H(1), H(2) be complex Hilbert spaces, H be their Hilbert tensor product and let tr2 be the operator of taking the partial trace of trace class operators in H with respect to the space H(2). The operation tr2 maps states in H (i.e. positive trace class operators in H with trace equal to one) into states in H(1). In this paper we give the full description of mappings that are linear right inverse to tr2. More precisely, we prove that any affine mapping F(W) of the convex set of states in H(1)
more » ... into the states in H that is right inverse to tr2 is given by the tensor product of W with some state D in H(2). In addition we investigate a representation of the quantum mechanical state space by probability measures on the set of pure states and a representation -- used in the theory of stochastic Schroedinger equations -- by probability measures on the Hilbert space. We prove that there are no affine mappings from the state space of quantum mechanics into these spaces of probability measures.
doi:10.1063/1.1343882 fatcat:i6yvcxdtlbfldlz5sipozflnlq