Partitioned garbage collection of a large object store

Umesh Maheshwari, Barbara Liskov
1997 SIGMOD record  
This paper describes a new garbage collection scheme for large persistent object stores that makes efficient use of the disk and main memory. The heap is divided into partitions that are collected independently using information about inter-partition references. We present efficient techniques to maintain this information stably using auxiliary data structures in memory and the log. The result is a scheme that truly preserves the localized and scalable nature of partitioned collection.
more » ... ng inter-partition references does not collect garbage cycles that span partitions. We describe a new global marking scheme that collects such garbage. We believe that it is the first scheme that piggybacks global marking on partitioned collection, does not delay the collection of acyclic garbage, and is guaranteed to terminate correctly in the presence of concurrent mutations. Further, it preserves the disk-efficient nature of our collector. We have implemented the part of garbage collection responsible for maintaining information about inter-partition references. We present a benchmark to evaluate this work and give performance results to show the advantages of our scheme.
doi:10.1145/253262.253338 fatcat:44etq26uqjalpg5vctvp36te44