Improvement in Horse Collars

1869 Scientific American  
The collar shown in the engraving is made ot wood, cush ion'ed or upholstered on its inner surface, A. At B is a stout leathern h�nge, which, in c . onnecti 9ll. with a piece shown at C, and in detail at the upper left-h. corner of the engrav� ing, renders the collar adjustable to suit the form and size of the horse's neck. The collar can be made Ifrger or smaller by using a larger ' or smaller piece of this kind, and a fit is thus obtained. This piece is held in place by dowels and strap, D,
more » ... els and strap, D, buckled and attached, as shown in the engraving The traces are attached at E, and the hold-back straps at F in the usual manner.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07311869-69 fatcat:wwrah4spjbcxbbr5mscnuahms4