Some Remarks on PDOP and TDOP for Multi-GNSS Constellations

Yunlong Teng, Jinling Wang
2015 Journal of navigation  
For single point positioning solutions with multi-Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellations, the Position Dilution Of Precision (PDOP) and Time Dilution Of Precision TDOP) are quality measures to specify the additional multiplicative affect of measurement error on positioning accuracy and the timing accuracy, respectively. Considering the dimension of the unknown vector (including the three-dimensional positioning information of the receiver as well as the receiver clock biases
more » ... lated to these single constellations), this paper theoretically derives new formulae to describe the change of PDOP and TDOP. In addition, the detailed expressions of the variable quantity of the PDOP and TDOP are also obtained. The results show that if the dimension of the unknown vector is invariant in case of removing one or more satellites belonging to the existing tracked multi-GNSS constellations, both the PDOP and TDOP increase. On the other hand, if removing satellites reduces the dimension of the unknown vector, the PDOP neither increases nor decreases. However, the change of the TDOP is different, and it becomes smaller.
doi:10.1017/s0373463315000508 fatcat:xcqsh2g4tra7tctqgjhzfooxje