The Verbal Representation of Architecture

Óscar del Castillo Sánchez
2020 SOBRE. Prácticas artísticas y políticas de la edición  
In the arts and architecture of modernity it was tried to exclude the narrative/symbolic moment from both its production and its reception. However, and despite the attempts to remove from the architectural work any component that remits outside of it, it could happen that the mere action of perceiving –the built-up, or any other object– constituted an act in part linguistic from the beginning that, as such, contravene a speech about the contemplated inextricably interwoven with the
more » ... ith the pure-sensitive. The abstract form also acquires a multiplicity of senses and meanings through diverse mechanisms, some of which will be examined here briefly from a plurality of perspectives. The question of the narrativity of the architectural experience and the consequent possibility of representing the architectural through the word are of great importance for the development of the discipline.
doi:10.30827/sobre.v6i0.11321 doaj:c7a9ad76f3ed4d28b820d0e0e96b37a8 fatcat:3vocmdfxkzedddgwikcizziova