Preisach modeling of magnetization and magnetostriction processes in laminated SiFe alloys

L. Dupré, M. De Wulf, D. Makaveev, V. Permiakov, J. Melkebeek
2003 Journal of Applied Physics  
In this article, magnetization loops under mechanical stress and magnetostriction loops under quasistatic magnetic excitation conditions are discussed. In both cases, the hysteresis loops are modeled using the Preisach theory. The identification procedure of the material parameters is described. The article discusses first the shape of the Preisach distribution function for the study of magnetostriction loops. Next, a Preisach model is proposed for the description of magnetization loops under
more » ... ation loops under mechanical stress starting from the magnetization loop obtained without applying mechanical stress. A setup has been constructed for the measurement of magnetization loops under compressive or tensile stress. Also, a measuring system based on a single sheet tester and on optical displacement measurement techniques is used to establish the magnetostrictive behavior of laminated SiFe alloys. It is shown that a good correspondence between the calculated and measured magnetization and magnetostriction loops is obtained.
doi:10.1063/1.1557357 fatcat:7wjjo6jdajdivk4x4ijxedclau