Efforts toward a More Consistent and Interoperable Sequence Ontology

Michael Bada, Karen Eilbeck
2012 International Conference on Biomedical Ontology  
The Sequence Ontology (SO), a member of the Open Biomedical On-tologies (OBOs) library, was developed with the goals of standardizing the vocabulary and semantics of biological--sequence annotation with the goal of increased interoperability for software developers and users of genomic sequences. Here we present our recent developmen-tal approaches to address three issues of import for the SO: (1) repre-sentation of molecular sequences versus abstract sequences; (2) inte-gration with the ChEBI
more » ... ntology, the Protein Ontology, the RNA Ontol-ogy, the Gene Ontology, the Chemical Information Ontology, and the Information Artifact Ontology; and (3) consistent representation of DNA, RNA, and peptide sequences and harmonizing their use toward annotation in sequence databases. We anticipate that these efforts will result in a representation of biological sequences that is more con-sistent not only internally but also with respect to its use in annota-tions in sequence databases. We further envision increased interoper-ability of the SO with other OBOs, which would benefit applications beyond sequence annotation.
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