Study of high fat feed for sturgeon fish

D V Osepchuk, N. A. Yurina, E V Kuzminova, A N Gneush, D. A. Yurin, E. A. Maxim, V. Breskich, A. Zheltenkov, Y. Dreizis
2020 E3S Web of Conferences  
The objective of the study is to analyze the growth and development of sturgeon fish when feeding trout food with a higher fat content and to conduct ultrasound diagnostics of the fish liver. The research was carried out on the basis of the fish farm of Albashi LLC, Leningradsky district, Krasnodar Territory. The experiment used juvenile Russian-Siberian sturgeon. The basal diet is sturgeon forage with a granule size of 3 mm, produced by Aller Trident EX, trout forage from Aller Silver is also
more » ... sed for comparability of observation series. The experiment lasted 90 days. Aller Trident EX feed ingredients: vitamins, premixes and minerals, yeast, corn gluten, sunflower protein, wheat, wheat gluten, rapeseed oil, fish oil, fish meal, soy protein, soy. Although the increased content of fat for sturgeon fish in the compound feed contributes to an increase in their weight, but this occurs due to metabolic disorders and fat accumulation, which is also evidenced by an increase in juvenile waste in the experimental groups by 2.04.0% and the onset of pathological processes in the liver. Such fish can be used for commercial purposes and sale when the weight reaches 1000 g.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202022404029 fatcat:5tepttcuhfbuzbkhdcj4esguja