Research on Using Trusted Hardware for Data Location Assurance in Cloud Storage

冠 王
2017 Computer Science and Application  
Recently, the lack of geo-location assurance of data stored in cloud storage has become a main reason which restricts organizations that deal with sensitive data (e.g., financial data, health data) to adopt cloud storage. This paper proposed a mechanism for verifying the geographic location of the stored data. We use Trusted Cryptographic Module (TCM) to identify physical machines and use a trusted third party to verify the actual location. In addition, our approach enables the verification of
more » ... he trustworthiness of the physical machines which the cloud storage operators provide. The discussion shows that the approach of this paper has an adequate level of security, and by the usage of TCM and additional location audits, can enable a reliable location verification of the stored data.
doi:10.12677/csa.2017.73023 fatcat:dzcy742zovea7mzvfmqgts4k7e