Moderators of implicit explicit concordance JSEP_accepted.pdf

2 3 As accepted for publication in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 4 5 Tanya R. Berry; a 6 Wendy M. Rodgers; a 7 David Markland; b 8 Craig R. Hall; c 9 10 Abstract 1 Investigating implicit-explicit concordance can aid in understanding underlying mechanisms and 2 possible intervention effects. This research examined the concordance between implicit 3 associations of exercise with health or
more » ... ance and related explicit motives. Variables 4 considered as possible moderators were behavioral regulations, explicit attitudes, and social 5 desirability. Participants (N = 454) completed measures of implicit associations of exercise with 6 health and appearance, and questionnaire measures of health and appearance motives, attitudes, 7 social desirability, and behavioral regulations. Attitudes significantly moderated the relationship 8 between implicit associations of exercise with health and health motives. Identified regulations 9 significantly moderated implicit-explicit concordance with respect to associations with 10 appearance. These results suggest that implicit and explicit exercise-related cognitions are not 11 necessarily independent and their relationship to each other may be moderated by attitudes or 12 some forms of behavioral regulation. Future research that takes a dual-processing approach to 13 exercise behavior should consider potential theoretical moderators of concordance. 14 15
doi:10.7939/r3v86n fatcat:qt2tq6vatnd7phvnoytb5vdsd4