Automatic Air Inflation System in Tire with Pressure Control and Monitor System

V Senthilraja, S Srinivasan, M Magudeswaran, S Dhayananth, M Murugavel, G Sivaprasath
2016 Journal of Applied Physics and Engineering   unpublished
An automatic tire inflation system for a vehicle includes a plurality of wheel assemblies. Each wheel assembly includes a rotatable portion connected to its associated tire and a non-rotatable portion connected to the vehicle chassis. A sealed air passageway is provided between an inlet in the non-rotatable portion and an outlet in the rotatable portion of the wheel assembly which is connected to the tire. The sealed air passageway is provided in part by way of a longitudinally extending bore
more » ... ly extending bore in the spindle which communicates with a chamber defined by a sleeve and a pair of air seals between the sleeve and spindle. A manually actable selector device in the vehicle is provided to permit the user to select one of a plurality of preset air pressure settings for the tires. An air regulating system quickly responds to the selected setting to automatically regulate the air pressure within the tires at the preset pressure associated with the selected setting of the s elector device. A master-slave valving arrangement controlled by pilot air is preferably used to perform the inflation or deflation process.