IJIDI-The New Beginning: A Welcome Editorial

Keren Dali, Paul Jaeger
2018 The International Journal of Information   unpublished
Editorial here will likely be some people who throw their hands up and roll their eyes, thinking to themselves"Another journal about diversity." And yet, IJIDI is not just "another journal." The overuse of the word diversity is undeniable, and has served to undermine not only its own true meaning and value, but also the value of the related concepts of social justice and inclusion. Amid the multiplicity of venues that discuss diversity, it is also easy to overlook the fact that there is
more » ... hat there is actually no scholarly or professional journal solely or chiefly dedicated to diversity and inclusion in LIS. This is all the more reason, however, to have a venue that takes a fresh unorthodox look at diversity and opens up conversations that are covered by an expanded spectrum of topics, formats, and contributing disciplines. Such a venue promotes the editorial culture that privileges diversity and creativity of expression and safeguards them from constricting conventions and the political correctness of academia, while maintaining scholastic and methodological rigor, excellence in production and design, and high writing standards.