Effect of Software Designed by Computer Conceptual Map Method in Mobile Environment on Learning Level of Nursing Students

Salmani N, Dehghani Kh, Salimi T, Bagheri I
2015 Education Strategies in Medical Sciences  
Aims: In order to preserve its own progress, nursing training has to be utilized new training methods, in such a case that the teaching methods used by the nursing instructors enhance significant learning via preventing superficial learning in the students. Conceptual Map Method is one of the new training strategies playing important roles in the field. The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of the designed software based on the mobile phone computer conceptual map on the
more » ... ptual map on the learning level of the nursing students. Materials & Methods: In the semi-experimental study with pretest-posttest plan, 60 students, who were studying at the 5th semester, were studied at the 1st semester of 2015-16. Experimental group (n=30) from Meibod Nursing Faculty and control group (n=30) from Yazd Shahid Sadoughi Nursing Faculty were trained during the first 4 weeks of the semester, using computer conceptual map method and computer conceptual map method in mobile phone environment. Data was collected, using a researcher-made academic progress test including "knowledge" and "significant learning". Data was analyzed in SPSS 21 software using Independent T, Paired T, and Fisher tests. Findings: There were significant increases in the mean scores of knowledge and significant learning in both groups before and after the intervention (p<0.05).The process of change of the scores of knowledge level was not significant between the groups (p>0.05). Nevertheless, the process of change of the scores of significant learning level between the groups was statistically significant (p<0.05). Conclusion: Presenting the course content as conceptual map in mobile phone environment positively affects the significant learning of the nursing students.
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