Forecasting of subsidence of the earth's surface within the salt deposits areas of Precarpathians by a complex of geophysical and geodetic studies

E.D. Kuzmenko, T.B. Chupurna, I.V. Chepurnyi, S.M. Bagriy, L.I. Davybida, L.V. Shtogrin
2018 17th International Conference on Geoinformatics - Theoretical and Applied Aspects   unpublished
Objective. The aim of this work is to study the efficiency of combining such methods as: investigation of the natural pulse electromagnetic field of Earth (NIEMFE) and transient electromagnetics (TEM) for the preliminary assessment of the degree of stability of mining fields within the deposits of potassium salts in the Precarpathian area, as well as forecasting the development of deformation processes in the near-surface layer of the geological environment. Methodology. Conducting areal and
more » ... ucting areal and profile observations using NIEMFE and TEM techniques in the territory of the mining fields of potassium salts deposits and constructing the models of geoelectric sections; determination of zones with abnormal values of electrical conductivity and intensity of natural electromagnetic radiation. Results. According to the results of profile TEM and areal observations of NIEMFE on the mining field №2 of the Stebnytsky deposit of potassium salts, zones of abnormal electrical conductivity and anomalies in electromagnetic radiation intensity were detected and outlined. On the basis of the complex interpretation, the areas of increased karst sinkhole danger on a certain part of the Truskavets -Pisochnaya highway were singled out. The conclusion is that a set of methods NIEMFE and TEM for assessing the degree of karst sinkhole processes in the areas of mining activities is highly informative and efficient. Scientific novelty. The scientific novelty lies in the experimentally confirmed efficiency and high informativeness of the complex application of TEM and NIEMFE methods for studying the state of the geological environment endangered by karst deformation processes within the deposits of potassium salts. Practical significance. The proposed set of geophysical methods of TEM and NIEMFE allows predicting with high reliability the areas of probable karst sinkhole formation, which will allow taking preventive measures to minimize the consequences of karst deformation processes of a geological nature upon human settlement.
doi:10.3997/2214-4609.201801823 fatcat:us6qd6c5kjev5b72zxhmxxvfcy