Supercritical and transcritical real-fluid mixing using the PC-SAFT EOS

Carlos Rodriguez, Alvaro Vidal, Phoevos Koukouvinis, Manolis Gavaises
2017 Proceedings ILASS–Europe 2017. 28th Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems   unpublished
A numerical framework has been developed to simulate the mixing of supercritical and transcritical fluids using anequation of state based on statistical associating fluid theory. In a Diesel engine the liquid fuel is injected into supercritical air. After the injection, the Diesel is heated over its critical temperature reaching a supercritical state. Modelling real-fluid effects is critical in order to properly characterize the air/fuel mixing in the combustion chamber. By using the PC-SAFT
more » ... (Perturbed Chain Statistical Association Fluid Theory Equation of State) real fluids effects can be taken into account in a CFD simulation. The PC-SAFT EoS shows best results than cubic EoS computing liquid density, compressibility, speed of sound, vapor pressures and density derivatives. Unlike cubic EoS, this model accounts for the shape and size of the molecules. Gas, liquid, supercritical and vapor-liquid equilibrium states can be simulated. PT FLASH (Isothermal Multiphase Flash Calculation) is applied to compute the phase diagram used by the code. Shock tube problems were conducted in a wide range of pressures and densities using n-dodecane to show the capability of the developed algorithm. The results were compared with the solution of an exact Riemann solver which has the PC-SAFT EoS implemented showing a high degree of agreement. In addition, a two-dimensional simulation of supercritical nitrogen jet mixing was carried out to checkthe multidimensional capability of the code.DOI:
doi:10.4995/ilass2017.2017.5000 fatcat:r7g23yizlzch5mac4iqscmwsim