In-Fiber Closed Cavity Interferometric High-Resolution Aqueous Solution and Alcohol Gas Refractometer

Lijun Li, Tianzong Xu, Yinming Liu, Zhaochuan Zhang, Qian Ma, Zhihui Shi, Weikang Jia, Jianhong Sun, Fei Yu, Paulino Mba Ndong Mangue
2019 Sensors  
An optical fiber interferometric refractometer for alcohol gas concentration and low refractive index (RI) solution (with 1.33–1.38 RI range) measurement is theoretically and experimentally demonstrated. The refractometer is based on a single-mode thin-core single-mode (STS) interferometric structure. By embedding a suitably sized air cavity at the splicing point, high-order cladding modes are successfully excited, which makes the sensor more suitable for low RI solution measurement. The effect
more » ... of the air cavity's diameter on the sensitivity of alcohol gas concentration was analyzed experimentally, which proved that RI sensitivity will increase with an enlarged diameter of the air cavity. On this basis, the air cavity is filled with graphene in order to improve the sensitivity of the sensor; and the measured sensitivity of the alcohol gas concentration is −1206.1 pm/%. Finally, the characteristics of the single-cavity structure, graphene-filled structure and double-cavity structure sensors are demonstrated, and the linear RI sensitivities are −54.593 nm/RIU (refractive index unit), −85.561 nm/RIU and 359.77 nm/RIU, respectively. Moreover, these sensor structures have the advantages of being compact and easily prepared.
doi:10.3390/s19102319 fatcat:s35mhzy3vrgpbkmd4rhidtwlbu