Analytical mesoscale modeling of aeolian sand transport

Marc Lämmel, Klaus Kroy
2017 Physical review. E  
The mesoscale structure of aeolian sand transport determines a variety of natural phenomena studied in planetary and Earth science. We analyze it theoretically beyond the mean-field level, based on the grain-scale transport kinetics and splash statistics. A coarse-grained analytical model is proposed and verified by numerical simulations resolving individual grain trajectories. The predicted height-resolved sand flux and other important characteristics of the aeolian transport layer agree
more » ... ably well with a comprehensive compilation of field and wind tunnel data, suggesting that the model robustly captures the essential mesoscale physics. By comparing the saturation length with field data for the minimum sand-dune size, we can reconcile conflicting previous models for this most enigmatic emergent aeolian scale and elucidate the importance of intermittent turbulent wind fluctuations for field measurements.
doi:10.1103/physreve.96.052906 pmid:29347761 fatcat:4qxsvwcl3nhc7ogldj636jdjce