Report on Calibrated Radiocarbon Ages of Beachrock Samples and Consolidated Deposits at Nyateya-gama Cave on Ie Island, Okinawa, Japan

2015 Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi)  
A total of 27 beachrock and consolidated samples were collected from Ie Island, Okinawa, to determine their accumulation ages and/or formation of beachrock. They were radiocarbon dated and their stable carbon isotope ratios ( 13 C) were measured to correct radiocarbon ages. Beachrocks were formed from ca. 4,600 cal BP until around 690 cal BP. Nyateya-gama cave is a sea-cave whose floor sediments have been partially consolidated since ca. 3,600 cal BP. The characteristics of the deposits
more » ... beachrock; however, they do not indicate a typical cuesta topography.
doi:10.5026/jgeography.124.665 fatcat:zz6cedecorapzfe5zvyl6bv5jm