Contents Vol. 27, 2005

2005 Developmental Neuroscience  
127 Strain Variability, Injury Distribution, and Seizure Onset in a Mouse Model of Stroke in the Immature Brain Comi, A.M.; Johnston , M.V.; Wilson, M.A. ( Baltimore, Md.) © 2005 S. Karger AG, Basel Access to full text and tables of contents, including tentative ones for forthcoming issues: Larouche, A.; Roy, M. (Sherbrooke,); Kadhim, H. (Bruxelles); Tsanaclis, A.M.; Fortin, D.; Sébire, G. (Sherbrooke) 143 Combined Defi ciency of IL-1 ␤ 18, but Not IL-1 ␣ ␤ , Reduces Susceptibility to
more » ... chemia in the Immature Brain Hedtjärn, M.; Mallard, C. (Göteborg); Iwakura, Y. (Toyko); Hagberg, H. (Göteborg) 149 Gray Matter Oligodendrocyte Progenitors and Neurons Die Caspase-3 Mediated Deaths Subsequent to Mild Perinatal Hypoxic/Ischemic Insults Rothstein, R.P.; Levison, S.W. ( Newark, N.J.) 160 Patterns of Excitotoxin-Induced Brain Lesions in the Newborn Rabbit: A Neuropathological and MRI Correlation Sfaello, I.; Daire, J.-L. (Paris); Husson, I.; Kosofsky, B. (Paris/Boston, Mass.); Sebag, G.; Gressens, P. (Paris) Ford, K.; Jacobs, B. (Colorado Springs, Colo.) 288 Neurotrophic Factor Receptor Expression and in vitro Nerve Growth of Geniculate Ganglion Neurons That Supply Divergent Nerves Yamout, A.; Spec, A.; Cosmano, J.; Kashyap, M.; Rochlin, M.W. (Chicago, Ill.) 299 Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone during Pregnancy Is Associated with Infant Temperament Davis, E.P.; Glynn, L.M. (Irvine, Calif.); Dunkel Schetter, C.; Hobel, C. (Los Angeles, Calif.); Chicz-Demet, A.; Sandman, C.A. (Irvine, Calif.) 306 Activated Notch Disrupts the Initial Patterning of Dopaminergic Spinal Cord Neurons Binor, E.; Heathcote, R.D. (Milwaukee, Wisc.) 313 Prenatal Restraint Stress and Long-Term Affective Consequences Van den Hove, D.L.A.; Blanco, C.E.; Aendekerk, B. (Maastricht); Desbonnet, L. (Maastricht/Galway); Bruschettini, M.; Steinbusch, H.P.; Prickaerts, J.; Steinbusch, H.W.M. (Maastricht) 321
doi:10.1159/000089726 fatcat:xjqhnpkvezdeppwu5rfdhpc7qy