Research on Frequency Control of Islanded Microgrid with Multiple Distributed Power Sources

Liu, Wang, Wang
2020 Processes  
At present, some achievements have been made in the research on the energy management of microgrid operation. However, the research is mainly on the operation of grid-connected microgrid, while the research on the energy management of islanded microgrid is still relatively few. Frequency is one of the characteristics that affects the reliability and power quality of the microgrid. The essence of controlling frequency stability is to maintain source-load balance and redistribution of active
more » ... . Therefore, this paper proposes a frequency control strategy based on dynamically cutting machine to reduce load by analyzing the use priority of different distributed power supply and the division of load importance degree, and combining the influence degree of different frequency variation range on microgrid. To coordinate and control distributed power supply, energy storage device, and load in different frequency change areas, this paper proposes different control strategies. The seed strategies of the control strategy are discussed one by one. Experimental results show that the frequency control strategy can significantly improve the frequency stability of the power supply system and reduce the operating cost of islanded microgrid.
doi:10.3390/pr8020193 fatcat:vtygjodsanh5foqskfazc7epua