Yields of e0-electrons from the target surface by bombarding it by α-particles of different energies in the range from 0.9 to 5.5 MeV

V. T. Kupryashkin, L. P. Sidorenko, A. I. Feoktistov, V. A. Lasko
2013 Âderna Fìzika ta Energetika  
The yields near-zero energy electrons(e0-electrons) and fast electrons (ef-electrons) in the bombardment of targets of aluminum and titanium by α-particles of 238Pu in the low-energy α-particles region (range 0.9 - 5.5 MeV) were measured. An increase in output e0- and ef-electrons is observed when the energy of α-particles is reduced. Outputs e0-electrons for α-particles of different energies Eα in this area is well described by the depend-ence (E)  E-1/2  v-1 as previously has been
more » ... in our studies of the decay of 226Ra (range 4.7 - 7.6 MeV) and the bombardment of the target by α-particles at cyclotron U-120 (range 9.7 - 24 3 MeV).
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