Magnetic Interaction and Magnetic Properties of Electrodeposited CoPt Magnetic Films with Different Thickness
전기도금법으로 제작한 CoPt 자성막의 자기상호작용과 자기적 성질

Hyeon-Soo Kim, Jong-Duck Lee, Soon-Young Jeong, Chang-Hyeong Lee, Su-Jeong Suh
2011 Journal of the Korean Magnetics Society  
Fig. 8. (Color online) Variation of the ∆M cuves as a function of the applied field for all samples. − 156 − 한국자기학회지 제21권 5호, 2011년 10월 The influence of thickness on magnetic interaction and magnetic properties in electrodeposited CoPt magnetic films was investigated from the analysis of the magnetic remanence curves and the magnetic hysteresis loops. As the thickness of the CoPt film is increased, the perpendicular coercivity and the saturation magnetization are increased but the squareness is
more » ... considerably decreased. The analysis results of the magnetic remanence curves and the magnetic hysteresis loops exhibited that the dipolar interaction is the main interaction mechanism for all samples, but the strength of the dipolar interaction gradually increased with increasing sample thickness.
doi:10.4283/jkms.2011.21.5.151 fatcat:dqo24qhzonebfjl43jsazn7xum