Environmentally responsible policy of wastes in steel industry

K. Nowacki
2020 Metalurgija  
The problem of natural environment pollution, due to the increase in industrial activity, is of interest to an increasing number of countries around the world. The main purpose of waste policy should be the recycling of valuable raw materials, and thus the protection of the natural environment. The steel industry is an industry in which, alongside of mining and energetics, large amounts of waste are generated. These wastes in the EU are classified as thermal wastes and hazardous wastes. New
more » ... ous wastes. New technologies are being developed in many countries to reduce the amount of waste deposited. This study presents the results of research of iron-containing wastes in terms of their environmental impact in the case of storage, the possibility of iron recycling through the process of reducing iron oxides and the metallisation grades of selected wastes. The conducted research indicates the directions of waste management friendly to the natural environment.
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