Water-level fluctuations, water temperatures, and tilts in sandbars -6.5R, 43.1L, and 172.3L, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1990-93 [unknown]

Michael C. Carpenter, Jason A. Crosswhite, R.L. Carruth
1995 Antarctica A Keystone in a Changing World   unpublished
Rill erosion, slumping, and fissuring develop on seepage faces of many sandbars along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon at low river stage. Three sandbars were instrumented with sensors for continual monitoring of stage, pore pressure, ground-water temperature, and tilt to determine the relation between ground-water flow and sandbar deformation. Data were collected from
doi:10.3133/ofr94485 fatcat:bcldlsofzfh2lnlzgvivjawr5m