Criminalization of Funding in Criminal Terrorism in Indonesia

Sukamarriko Andrikasmi
2020 Proceedings of the Riau Annual Meeting on Law and Social Sciences (RAMLAS 2019)   unpublished
Terrorism is a crime that is currently a hot issue in Indonesia, attracting the attention of the international community and even terrorism is also a conversation between countries, and not a few of the issues of terrorism can affect the relationship between countries both bilateral and multilateral Criminalization of funding of terrorism applies to everyone who intends to do or intends to commit a crime of financing terrorism in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and / or outside the
more » ... rritory of the Republic of Indonesia. This research was conducted to find out where funding of terrorism can be prevented or stopped. The need for document studies and analysis of empirical studies to find it all so that this research is carried out with document studies and analysis. The fact has proven, that crime can only be prevented and reduced, but difficult to eradicate completely. This law will be very effective if accompanied by enthusiasm to eradicate criminal acts of terrorism, without any engineering and conspiracy from parties who have full power over a country. If the procedure is carried out correctly, and appropriately appropriate law enforcement of criminal acts of financing terrorism will be able to hinder the process of criminal acts of terrorism in the future from channeling funds. In other words, it can at least stop the funding process. It is more appropriate if the criminalization of terrorism funding is followed by reliable human resources, and other supporting institutions.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.200529.290 fatcat:ddhv6osxgrcq7bllsed277tijm