Closed-population capture--recapture models with measurement error and missing observations in covariates

Jakub Stoklosa, Shen-Ming Lee, Wen-Han Hwang
2019 Statistica sinica  
In capture-recapture experiments, covariates collected on individuals, such as body weight and length, are often measured imprecisely or are missing at random. Furthermore, the number of recorded covariate measurements collected on each observed individual is usually equal to or less than the individual's capture frequency. Correcting for multiple error-prone covariate is seldom seen in capture-recapture models and even fewer research have considered cases where individual's have no
more » ... at all. In this paper, we develop an unbiased estimating equation using the conditional score within the capture-recapture framework. We then extend this approach to simultaneously account for both measurement error and missing data using two well-known missing data methods: (1) inverse probability weighting; and (2) multiple imputation. These new methods are shown to yield consistent and asymptotically normal estimators, Statistica Sinica: Newly accepted Paper (accepted version subject to English editing) the two approaches are shown to be asymptotically equivalent. We evaluated these methods on simulated and real capture-recapture data. Our results show improvements in both precision and efficiency when using the proposed methods.
doi:10.5705/ss.202017.0088 fatcat:iyxw254d7nf7tpfjgvggjtbrpq