7.21 Mass-Movement Causes: Changes in Slope Angle [chapter]

L. Claessens, A.J.A.M. Temme, J.M. Schoorl
2013 Treatise on Geomorphology  
Glossary Debris avalanche A mass of rock fragments and soil that moves rapidly down a steep mountain slope. Lahar A landslide of volcanic debris mixed with water, down the sides of a volcano. Solifluction The slow, downhill movement of soil in areas typically underlain by frozen ground. Tephra The fragmented solid material produced and ejected in the air by a volcanic eruption. Abstract This chapter discusses and illustrates how changes in slope angle can cause mass movement. Several processes
more » ... Several processes can cause removal of lateral or underlying support of a slope, and most of the time multiple processes are acting together on a landscape. Slow and sudden processes causing changes in slope angle are differentiated, and several examples and illustrations of each are given. In addition, this chapter reviews current literature on landscape evolution modeling in which researchers try to incorporate these geomorphological processes in the analysis and simulation of current and future landscapes.
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-374739-6.00167-6 fatcat:s6zhapsq3bghfdbf74fok4i7t4