Measures to Combat Hunger and Crop Failure of 1911–1912 in the Ufa Province

2017 Bylye Gody  
The reasons and scale of the food crisis of [1911][1912] are considered in the article on the materials of the Ufa province. The actions of local government and self-government bodies, as well as individuals to combat hunger and crop failure, were reflected in the organization of the following activities. Local authorities carried out measures to regulate grain prices and railroad tariffs, provide food loans, sell bread and fodder to the public at the procurement value, etc. The organs of
more » ... The organs of zemstvo self-government of the province facilitated the opening of public canteens, hospitals, to the provision of food and benefits, created summer nursery shelters in villages, provided feed assistance (for livestock), and conducted public works. The authors concluded that these measures, as well as the charitable activities of individuals, could not provide all those who suffered from hunger, but in a certain way eased the situation of the population. The reason of this situation was due to the fact that the scale of the hunger required significant financial resources, which were clearly insufficient, as well as the long-term implementation of the measures taken. According to the materials of the records management and the periodical press, the reasons for the measures insufficient effectiveness were inconsistency of actions and miscalculations in their organization and implementation.
doi:10.13187/bg.2017.2.635 fatcat:qvx77clejncmjl2ihnnzf3pe3y