Mathematical relationship between glass transition temperature and water activity of cellular and non-cellular food systems

Seddik Khalloufi, Thanh Khuong Nguyen, Cristina Ratti
2018 Proceedings of 21th International Drying Symposium   unpublished
Cellular and non-cellular-solid food systems were used to obtain experimental data of aw and Tg as a function of moisture content during drying. GAB, Gordon-Taylor, and Khalloufi-Ratti models were used to obtain the state diagrams of the four food systems investigated. The results suggest that the GAB and Khalloufi-Ratti models can successfully be used to capture the experimental data. In terms of plasticizing effect, it seems that cellular and non-cellular systems have comparable values.
more » ... rable values. Although the number of food samples explored in this study was limited, it is suggested that the chemical composition could have more impact on Tg and stability than the presence of cell structures. Keywords: Isotherms; Glass Transition; Cellular and Non-Cellular Food Systems; Modeling
doi:10.4995/ids2018.2018.7658 fatcat:kvsgrwbe4bdybktjksn3nf74ou