Approximation functions for airblast environments from buried charges [report]

H. Reichenbach, K. Behrens, A.L. Kuhl
1993 unpublished
In EMI report E 1/93, "Airbiast Environments from Buried HE-Charges", fit functions were used for the compact description of blastwave parameters. The coefficients of these • functions were approximated by means of second order polynomials versus DOB. In most cases, the agreement with the measured data was satisfactory; to reduce remaining noticeable . deviations, an approximation by polygons (i.e., piecewise-linear approximation) was used instead of polynomials. The present report describes
more » ... results of the polygon approximation and compares them to previous data. We conclude that the polygon representation leads to a better agreement with the measured data. , II
doi:10.2172/10141968 fatcat:jd5drqzrxfg5lj6opzcrh73gke