Dhaneshwar Kumar
2016 The Engineering Journal of Application & Scopes   unpublished
There is two things we know as fact: 1) Boys love their toys and 2) Women dominate the majority of the social media scene. Wearable technology takes both of these human habits and brings them together for the ultimate integrated technology experience. Its success speaks for itself; in the short time that wearable technology has been around, it has developed far beyond the oversaturated tech market. From its humble beginnings in watches to cutting-edge glasses and apps, the convenience of
more » ... nvenience of wearable technology is impacting on every aspect of our lives. The path wearables seem to be headed down isn't unlike the path mobile devices have traveled, and the social implications may be similar. The ubiquity of smartphones means that we have social networks in our pockets no matter where we are. We can check Twitter and Facebook while waiting in line at the store, Instagram images of the merchandise in the aisles, and leave reviews of businesses on our way out the door (or even sooner).