A corynecaterium glutamicum expression system for glycoside hydrolase analysis [post]

Hirak Saxena
2021 unpublished
The biological hydrolysis of glycosidic linkages in complex sugars is facilitated by glycoside hydrolases. These enzymes are ubiquitous across all domains of life, playing significant roles in important biological processes like the degradation of cellulosic biomass, viral pathogenesis, antibacterial defense, and normal cellular functions. The potential industrial applications of highly efficient glycoside hydrolases, as well as the fact that a number of lysosomal storage diseases have been
more » ... eases have been attributed to deficiencies in these enzymes 43, 22, merits further study into their structure and activity. For this reason, a handful of novel glycoside hydrolases from Cellulomonas fimi, a Gram-positive Actinobacteria known for its ability to degrade cellulose 39, will be cloned, expressed and biochemically analyzed.
doi:10.32920/ryerson.14646525.v1 fatcat:5uuywog4kna2dksp5vkarq6qie