Training for the Common Entrance Examination in English in the conditions of distance learning
Підготовка до Єдиного вступного іспиту з англійської мови в умовах дистанційного навчання

Nataliia Petrushova, Poltava V.G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University, Ukraine
2021 Image of the modern pedagogue  
The article considers the issue of preparing students of different non-language specialities for the Common Entrance Examination (CEE) in English, which will allow to study at the second (Master's) level of higher education. The author of the article analyses own experience of conducting courses for CEE training and forms some methodological tips for lecturers to conduct such courses for distance learning. Distinguishing the organization and implementation stages of CEE training courses and
more » ... r detailed review, this study is aimed at facilitation of lecturer's work to achieve students' success in mastering all themes defined by the CEE program, both grammatical and lexical-thematic. The organizational preliminary stage includes solving all organizational issues, such as enrolling students in the groups of CEE training courses, creating a course program by the lecturer, filling the educational platform with educational materials. Within the study, Google Classroom is defined as the best educational platform for distance learning, and Zoom as the most convenient application for video conferencing, i.e. for online classes. The presented themes of 32 classes correspond to the official CEE program and the duration of 4-month courses (1 pair twice a week). The author of the article also identifies the best, in her opinion, textbooks and training manuals that can be used by students to perform training tasks or work independently. Within the second stage, conducting online classes, the necessary educational web resources are identified: educational sites, YouTube channels, online testing platform; examples of the best existing ones in Ukraine are given and the system of working with them online is determined. The third stage summarizes the work with students in the form of their success while CEE passing and concerns the lecturer's self-reflection, analysis of the outcome of CEE training courses. The lecturers of higher education institutions use the results of the article in creating a program of CEE training courses and by students for self-training.
doi:10.33272/2522-9729-2020-3(198)-53-57 fatcat:74pchfnljjcctpml3mkmbvca3a