Science Arena Publications International journal of Business Management The effect of social intelligence of the staff on customer satisfaction of Melli National bank branches, Rafsanjan city

Hamid Taboli1, Mohsen Anjomshoa2
2017 unpublished
This study aimed to investigate the relationship between social intelligence of employees on customer satisfaction in Melli National Banks in Rafsanjan. The method has been descriptive-correlational, respectively. The study population included all the staff and customers of Melli Banks in Rafsanjan, numbered 173 People. Considering the number of employees due to the small population size and the number of customers using census method according to Cochran's formula, 384 people were randomly
more » ... e were randomly selected. To collect data from two standard questionnaires of social intelligence (2010) with 20 items with a validity of 94/0 and stability of 89/0 and standard questionnaire with 25 questions of customer satisfaction, Hashem Zadeh (2009) with a validity of 86/0 stability 83/0 were used. In order to analyze the data with software SPSS 19, the multivariate regression analysis and Pearson were used. The results showed that there is a significant relationship between employees with social intelligence and customer satisfaction. Considering social awareness among employees, social information processing and social skills, there is a significant positive relationship between employees and customer satisfaction. customer satisfaction is the most important predictor of social awareness and social skills.