Seating and Mobility Considerations for People With Spinal Cord Injury

2000 Physical Therapy  
For people with spinal cord injuries, the selection of a wheelchair and seating system involves many factors. This clinical perspective describes a model that includes consideration of the person, the wheelchair, the immediate environment between the person and the wheelchair, the intermediate environment of the home and work, and the community environment. The seated posture is examined biomechanically, and literature is reviewed that highlights the differences in the seated position of people
more » ... with spinal cord injuries and people without spinal cord injuries. Reports regarding overuse injuries of the shoulder and wrists are discussed along with methods of relieving pressure at the buttock and seat interface. The impact that research findings should have on current clinical practice and the need for more research to provide evidence to either support or change current practice are discussed. [Minkel JL. Seating and mobility considerations for people with spinal cord injury. Phys Ther. 2000;80:701-709.] ⅷ ўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўў ўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўўў Downloaded from by guest on 26 July 2018 ative evaluation of wheelchair pressure mapping system. Assistive Technology. 1993;5(2):78 -91. 20 Ferguson-Pell MW. Seat cushion selection. J Rehabil Res Dev Clin Suppl. 1990;(2):49 -73. 21 Sie IH, Waters RL, Adkins RH, Gellman H. Upper extremity pain in the postrehabilitation spinal cord injured patient. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 1992;73:44 -48. 22 Pentland WE, Twomey LT. The weight-bearing upper extremity in women with long term paraplegia. Paraplegia. 1991;29:521-530. 23 Subbarao JV, Klopfstein J, Turpin R. Prevalence and impact of wrist and shoulder pain in patients with spinal cord injury. J Spinal Cord Med. 1995;18:9 -13. 24 Bayley JC, Cochran TP, Sledge CB. The weight-bearing shoulder: the impingement syndrome in paraplegics. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1987;69:676 -678. 25 Henderson JL, Price SH, Brandstater ME, Mandac BR. Efficacy of three measures to relieve pressure in seated persons with spinal cord injury. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 1994;75:535-539. 26 Warren CG. Powered mobility and its implications. J Rehabil Res Dev Clin Suppl. 1990;(2):74 -85.
doi:10.1093/ptj/80.7.701 fatcat:psedc6oojnf2zgcqy2lmcpcgpy