Propriedades físicas e mecânicas de painéis MDF de diferentes densidades e teores de resina [thesis]

Jackson Roberto Eleotério
Adviser: Prof. MARIO TOMAZELLO FILHO SUMMARY MDF Panelboards of Pinus spp fibers were prepared in laboratorial scale, with a range of densities (550 -750 kg/m3) and urea-formaldehyde resin content (6; 8; 10; 12 and 14 wt. %), with the purpose of evaluating their mechanical and physical properties. The effect of density and resin content and their interactions were analyzed based on panel mechanical and physical properties. Mechanical properties evaluated were modulus of rupture, modulus of
more » ... re, modulus of elasticity and internal bond, while physical properties studied were thickness swelling and water absorption. Also the alterations on wood fiber length and the MDF panel density profile were determined. All the physical and mechanical properties of the MDF panel were significantly related to the resin content and density. The interaction were significant only, at a degree of 1%, with the thickness swelling. Models have been proposed to evaluate the physical and mechanical variables of the MDF panel as a function of the average density and resin content, as percentages as well as in absolute values.
doi:10.11606/d.11.2000.tde-18102002-164850 fatcat:frbn4l4yfjchxdnnnokxxtbcc4