Structure of Story and Characteristics of Protagonists in Television Melodramas: Focusing on Three Major Broadcasters
텔레비전 멜로드라마의 이야기구조와 남녀주인공의 특성: 방송 3사를 중심으로

Eunha Park
2014 The Journal of the Korea Contents Association  
This study examines the characteristics in melodramas by comparing three major television broadcasting companies(MBC, SBS, and KBS) since 2000. The findings of the study are as follows: "Romance" melodrama is more common in MBC and SBS, than in KBS, where "family" melodrama is more common. The most cause of conflict shown in MBC is "love between the rich and the poor" that in SBS is "conflict between love and success", and that in KBS is the conflict similar to that between "Ondal the fool and
more » ... Ondal the fool and Princess Pyeong-gang". The most common love relationship shown in SBS and KBS is the "single love triangle" and that in MBC is "double love triangle". In the shows of all three TV broadcasting companies, male protagonists most frequently belongs to "jaebeol" (the rich) and female protagonists are "company workers". The most common personality trait of male protagonists' in MBC shows is and "optimism", in SBS shows, it is "supercilious behavior", in KBS, it is "simple-hearted". However, the personality of female protagonists in the shows of all three broadcasting companies can be described as, bright and cheerful. In MBC and SBS, male protagonists were frequently portrayed as capable, and in KBS, as self-conceited. in KBS are the most frequent. Female protagonists in the shows of all three broadcasting companies were most frequently portrayed as hardworking.
doi:10.5392/jkca.2014.14.02.048 fatcat:lwpnczeztjeg3jdifcsw2tnahm