Novel Visualization Technique of Function and Morphology of Cell Membrane Including Exocytosis by Using Laser Beam
レーザーを用いた開口放出や細胞膜機能・形態の新規的な 可視化解析手法

Two-photon excited fluorescence microscopy (two-photon microscopy), a technology based on multi-photon excitation induced by an ultra-short pulse near infrared laser light, is one of the most promising candidates for functional analysis of cells and biomolecules in intact living organs or tissues. Two-photon microscopy facilitates the investigation of the molecular basis and the pathology underlying exocytosis. This review describes both the current and anticipated capabilities of two-photon
more » ... roscopy, based on discussions of previous publications and recently obtained data.
doi:10.5360/membrane.35.57 fatcat:rmtkkt3ryvb4vfh4fdpu3l476i