Competency Assessment Using Key Performance Indicators

Toader Elena Alexandra, Laura Brad
2015 International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences  
The paper proposes a method for computing the scores of the key performance indicators resulted in the competency assessment process. The key performance indicators are estimated considering four performance levels that an IT professional can obtain at the end of the assessment process. We suggest as the best approach for estimating the performance key indicators an online questionnaire filled by 60 employees that work in IT Romanian companies. The results provide evidence that the differences
more » ... at the differences between the levels of performance are quite small. The employees of the IT companies had similar features and characteristics no matter what is their level of performance. Based on this analysis, the computed performance key indicators can be integrated into an online competency assessment tool that will help organizations in measuring the performance of their technical professionals. 76 professional can include: the quantity, the quality of software code, the deadlines and the team work (Güngör, 2011) . The main factors that influence the performance management in different studies are based on a combination of criteria as: the activity domain, the security, the quality of the employees, the customer satisfaction. The most important methods used for performance computation are: the score method, the performance pyramid, genetic algorithms. The most common tools that reveal the methods used is the online questionnaires. By defining a range of skills it can be evaluated and finally measured the performance for each employee.
doi:10.6007/ijarbss/v5-i6/1658 fatcat:djlls7oxubgobk4eyztwagysvy