Influence of an aluminium concentrator corrosion on the output characteristic of a photovoltaic system

Frederico Mota, João Paulo Neto Torres, Carlos A. Ferreira Fernandes, Ricardo A. Marques Lameirinhas
2020 Scientific Reports  
AbstractThe climate changes observed over the last decades have been promoting a massive transformation on the energy sector, that is still, in truth highly dependent on fossil fuels. Renewable energies are a plausible alternative, because they have lower emissions of toxic gases in comparison with non-renewable ones. In the group of renewable energies, solar technology has the biggest overall potential, mainly because it is cheap and easy to set. Several solar technologies allow to equip their
more » ... llow to equip their photovoltaic panels with concentrators, mostly to increase the output power and possibly their efficiency. However, some problems related to the use of concentrators have to be dealt in order to improve the entire photovoltaic system performance. One of these issues is the corrosion of the concentrators, leading to a premature ageing and, consequently an increase in maintenance costs. This problem is going to be analysed in this paper, presenting some simulation from a ray traicing software and also some experimental results, from our own laboratory experiences. The used software allows to trace the solar rays of the concentrator, in order to assess the effect of the defects caused by corrosion due to the ambient circumstances. After it, experimental results will help to analyse this effect and to prove simulation ones.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-78548-z pmid:33318502 fatcat:euiv5t6a55f5jnjma56ik2wjge