Party Polarization and Political Markets: A Model of Electoral Competition and Candidate Positioning

Elizabeth Bergman
2012 The Open Political Science Journal  
This work gives a theoretical explanation of party polarization in American politics and explains the lack of party convergence as a result of imperfect political competition. We introduce a formal model that demonstrates how convergence occurs only in perfect markets and rarely in American politics. By modifying key Downsian assumptions about the electorate and parties in a two-party system, we derive conclusions that indicate political advantage varies with the composition of the political
more » ... tricts. This alters the range of available positions that a candidate may take (congruent with winning elections) and sheds light on the relationship between local economic trends and political power.
doi:10.2174/1874949601205010006 fatcat:j4bwypxuizelzeigze5rcpi7nm