Exclusive vector meson production in muon-nucleus scattering [report]

G.Y. Fang
1994 unpublished
Preliminary results on the cross section ratios of exclusive incoherent p" and 4 meson production off deuterium, carbon, calcium, and lead to that off hydrogen and coherent p" and cj meson production off calcium and lead to that off carbon in deep-inelastic muon-nucleon and muon-nucleus scattering are reported. The data were taken with the E665 spectrometer using the Fermilab Tevatron muon beam. The mean beam energy was 470 GeV. Increases in the cross section ratios are seen in both the elastic
more » ... in both the elastic and quasi-elastic production as the four-momentum squared of the virtual photon increases. The results support the idea of color transparency.
doi:10.2172/10136336 fatcat:ekqg27ngovcndmrwsc64lkgexm