Mobility and carrier density in p-type GaAs nanowires measured by transmission Raman spectroscopy

Bernt Ketterer, Emanuele Uccelli, Anna Fontcuberta i Morral
2012 Nanoscale  
The unambiguous measurement of carrier concentration and mobility in semiconductor nanowires remains a challenging task. This is a consequence of their one-dimensional nature and the incompatibility with Hall or van der Pauw measurements. We propose a method that allows the direct determination of mobility and carrier concentration in nanowires in a contact-less manner. We demonstrate how forward Raman scattering enables the measurement of phonon-plasmon interactions. By applying this method to
more » ... ying this method to p-type GaAs nanowires, we were able to directly obtain values of the carrier concentration between 3.0 Â 10 17 and 7.4 Â 10 18 cm À3 and a mobility of 31 cm 2 (V s) À1 at room temperature. This study opens the path towards the study of plasmon-phonon interactions in semiconductor nanowires.
doi:10.1039/c2nr11910b pmid:22297540 fatcat:aont65bturd2zcysr6e7wup76e