DSWA calorimeter bomb experiments [report]

B Cunningham
1998 unpublished
of Work Two experiments were performed & which 25.'jams of TNT were detonated inside an expended detonation calorimeter bomb. The bomb had a contained volume of approximately 5.28 liters. In the first experiment, the bomb was charged with 3 atmospheres of nitrogen. In the second, it was charged with 2.58 atmospheres (23.1 psi gage) of oxygen. In each experiment pressure was monitored over a period of approximately 1200 microseconds after the pulseto the CDU. Monitoring was performed via two
more » ... 00 psi 102AO3 PCB high frequency pressure transducers mounted symmetrically in the lid of the calorimeter bomb. Conditioners used were PCB 482As. The signals from the transducers were recorded in digital format on a multi channel Tektronix scope. The sampling frequency was 10 Mhz (10 samples per microsecond). After a period of cooling following detonation, gas samples were taken and were subsequently submitted for analysis using gas mass spectrometry. Due to a late request for post shot measurement, it was only possible to make a rough estimate of the weight of debris (carbon) remaining in the calorimeter bomb following the second experiment. Summary of Results Principle results include two digitized traces f?om each experiment, plus two each (redundant) gas spectrometry reports from each experiment. Figures 1 and 2 in Appendix 1 show the two traces from each experiment in overlay. Results from the mass spectrometry analysis are included in Appendix 2.
doi:10.2172/8037 fatcat:2gqazxmvgvbk5iok4sn5e3t7oe