Spectral Shaping with Integrated Self-Coupled Sagnac Loop Reflectors [post]

David Moss
2021 unpublished
We propose and theoretically investigate integrated photonic filters based on coupled Sagnac loop reflectors (SLRs) formed by a self-coupled wire waveguide. By tailoring coherent mode interference in the device, three different filter functions are achieved, including Fano-like resonances, wavelength interleaving, and varied resonance mode splitting. For each function, the impact of device structural parameters is analyzed to facilitate optimized performance. Our results theoretically verify
more » ... retically verify the proposed device as a compact multi-functional integrated photonic filter for flexible spectral shaping.
doi:10.31219/osf.io/kbh4v fatcat:sb7l36kwbje2vjtddr5bprjpeu