Improvement in K-medoid Clustering using Density based Node Selection

Biresh Kumar, Pallab Banerjee, Amarnath Singh, Anurag Kumar, Avinash Kumar
2020 International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology  
The wireless sensor networks have become a very hot topic of research in the recent years because of their wide range of applications such as industrial and agricultural monitoring, military surveillance, smart homes etc. These sensors can also be used in locations that are potentially hazardous to the human beings or are just out of our reach at this moment of time. A wireless sensor network is collection of large number of individual sensor nodes. A sensor usually comprises of components for
more » ... of components for sensing the environment, processing, communicating and a power supply. The major limiting factor of the wireless sensor networks is the limited amount of power that each of the sensors can carry and also the energy in these sensors cannot be replenished easily. So, the major design challenge in a wireless sensor network has always been about reduction in the consumption of energy by the sensors. Clustering is one of the popular methods to reduce energy consumption in wireless sensor networks. Here, we propose a scheme to decrease the energy consumption and prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor network. The main idea behind the scheme is that we try to minimise the communication distance between the individual sensor nodes using the clustering technique.
doi:10.32628/cseit2062142 fatcat:mkei5hupcbea3cvqdfw2hmuopa